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home… is a four-letter word

back to living, um… large…  emeryville, CA, USA

there i am and here it remains.
i could compose a grand swirling summary of the last 4 months and wax philosophical and nostalgic (what else does one “wax” about?) but as devin choicely stated when he picked me up from the airport, “okay, i’m gonna ask how it was, and then i’m gonna tune you out as you ramble for the next half hour”.
understood. implicitly.
aside from a forthcoming post of stray photos that please me to no end, yet support no story and were insignificant to the plot (there was one?) this will be my last bit of word.

iceland is still pretty…

a very sad binky…  reykjavik, ficeland

maybe one day i’ll see fit to properly represent iceland in all it’s glory. may when i actually travel the country properly. killing a day on layover had limitations…
iceland air thoughtfully sent my luggage onward to san francisco directly from amsterdam leaving me to survive with a laptop, a camera, an ipod and a 2-month old vanity fair. i considered trading any or all of them for 5 minutes in a fleece. i kept warm by walking quickly between pubs… a premise that worked well-enough that i was left with nothing to truly whine about… i guess i just needed to fill a bit of space… (probably not the first writer to find motivation that way).


adolph prior to sale…sniff sniff, i’ll miss ya, girl…  amsterdam, netherlands

studio stallinga across the ij…  amsterdam, netherlands

studio stallinga…  amsterdam, netherlands

j & r hotelliers were able to put me up in esther’s canalhouse and kitten taxedermy parlor for my final week. i had the place to myself and simply hibernated, catching up on missed episodes of the daily show, fattening up on big breakfasts and sushi and simply chilling.
the purpose of my final week in a’dam was to sell my beloved adolph. not so easy to sell a motorbike in the netherlands in october. after suffering a humiliating last-minute lowballing from a shop owner in enkhuizen and a subsequent cold, wet ride back to amsterdam, i found an enthusiastic buyer who seems to love the bike as much as i did… nice… hope she treats you well, eric.