Monthly Archives: December 2003


if i were granted the opportunity to bring back one musician who met an untimely demise, it would have to be jeff.
john, jerry and jimi had ample time to leave their mark, but jeff buckley had so much unbridled promise and he barely managed to squeak out two albums before his death. (the second one being a compromise since he was unsatisfied with it and never had the chance for a planned do-over before it’s posthumous release). i think like most fans, i’m so starved for new material that i’ll willingly jump on a new live version of The Last Goodbye, or seven ee a film because one of jeff’s songs on the soundtrack (what’s up with the jeff buckley lookalike in the french movie Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train ?) or devour the tracks by the australian band George because the guy singer channels (rips off) buckley so well.
so by now i’ve become rather cynical over the milking of a deadguy’s limited trove featuring the umpteenth live version of Mojo Pin and i rolled my eyes at the re-release of the Buckley EP, Live at Sin-é as a full 2-disk “Legacy Edition”.
but then i listened to it… because cynical or not, i bought it, and
…its the best live show i never saw. his musicianship is amazing and his voice as sweet as ever but it is the audience rappoire that adds so much life and makes this worth owning… his nusrat fetah ali khan cover is impressive as is the Doors’ reverb request and the “seat-finding” music… all of it showing that he had a spontaneous wit and talent to spare.
i recommend this with a double thumbs up and a full array of wiggling toes.

bunnies without tales

bajesus is not a bunny.
bajesus is not defined by what he is but rather, what he is not. secondly…
bajesus is not satanic and bajesus is not religous.
bajesus will not run around naked inside a snow globe
nor will he partake in tinselling the xmas tree.
bajesus eats eratically and wears shoes without laces.
there is no significance to bajesus whatsoever and yet he is a model for humanity.
for now there is nothing more to reveal, but maybe you should know that bajesus is strictly redwine…