Daily Archives: 28 January, 2005


the NFL and Fox decided not to air this ad during the superbowl for fear of controversy… hey guys, the controversy is that someone with decision-making power feared the base denominator of america’s most vocal minority… i hope that this decision will, as always, draw even more attention the ad in question… thus i post it here:

Viral Marketing or prank…?

this is such a clever ad and too well produced to be a mere prank… vw denies it’s involvement and is considering legal action against creators Lee and Dan… claiming that they are getting negative publicity. but with an ad this clever, no matter how offensive, the exposure will only help draw attention to their product, in which case i’m curious just how vw will show that the “spoof” caused them harm. similar faux controversy appeared last year with the supposedly non-Ford Sport Ka Ads (AD 1) (AD 2).