Monthly Archives: June 2006

denmark’s groove is gone…

started off sweden on the wrong footpeg. serves me right for choosing my first destination based on the name of my IKEA sofa. the day was windy, there was too much wind and even more, there was…what’s that blustery breezy shit that knocks motorcycles from their lanes? oh yes, WIND… crossing the öresund bridge from denmark to sweden was precarious… such a timid looking bridge over a wimpy little sea… what went wrong? heading north upon crossing along the coast, should have gotten a clue from the legions of windmill on the horizon… wouldn’t have mattered, i’d have gone ahead anyway, but it just made for a really tiring day…
then the rain came… stayed ahead of it, stayed behind it, but inevitably couldn’t avoid it… got doused… had it. enough. forget the camping… days like this call for a hotel….
the reason i prefer small towns while traveling is that they are easy to sort out in the moment… no planning required. arrival in göteborg was tedious. the only map i had available was the microscopic lonely planet map, which has become subatomic since losing my reading glasses… still i behaved as though i knew what i was doing… there’s a winning premise… lost, turned aorund and frustrated i finally found the hotel i sought… but, full. right. holiday weekend approaching. midsummers. big deal here in sweden. all hotels pretty much full. i did catch the break of the day when anika (they’re all anika) got me a room elsewhere… i then spent the evening walking around a town that shut down early… ate a burger… watched brazil whomp japan in world cup… went to bed.
i am really living large.

Blind allegience to daisies

the nice thing about hitting denmark without a plan has to be these daisies… they mark the way for the scenic routes and bring me through the best countryside a motorbike could wish for… (limited of course to what denmark has to offer… convenient, yes… magical, no)
today was one of those relaxing meandering days… everything pretty much perfect.* i’ve been on the road a week and am starting to hit my stride…. i know my head is properly into it when i’m no longer questioning my premise… there is just simple acceptance. i am here. this is what i am supposed to be doing. what else is there.
i’ve thought about this trip for so long that it has been hard for me to believe i’m actually doing it. there are moments of thinking, oh, this is just me out for a motorbike ride… forgetting i’m in denmark, unable to properly read the road signs, wondering where all the blondes came from… i don’t take this for granted, but it just seems NORMAL… (okay, now i sound spoiled… better stop typing…)

*memo to denmark: you disappoint me with your shitty coffee.’member that Got Milk? ad with they guy who thinks he’s in heaven macking on a giant chocolate chip cookie but the fridge is full of empty milk cartons and he spews cookie bits through muffled screams of tortured agony when he realizes he’s actually in hell? remember that? cuz that’s how i feel when i’m face first into one of your buttery cinnamon pastries… you know the one… a whole plantation of sugar cane in every bite? enough icing to burn the enamel from your teeth upon contact? the density of a tugboat with the light flakey crust of a croissant? yeah, that one… and all i’m looking for is a little neutralizing offset…. some balance… which means the coffee needs to have bite… not a nibble, not a love bite, not a kiss… FANGS! to the bone, through the bone and out the other side, FANGS.

UPDATE: Copenhagen gets it… the big city gave me the bite i was whining for along with an incredible array of choice… all is once again right with the world…

Danish cows are lazy

well, maybe enlightened is a better word. if your inevitable path ended next to a plate of fries, then there is a certain wisdom in laying down on the job. i don’t believe in a hereafter, but playing host to a side dish in the afterlife would keep me plenty unmotivated in this one.