Daily Archives: 1 July, 2006

Norway is blessed

Tromsø, from the bridge

along the road to Tromsø

Polaria arctic museum and aquarium

arrived in tromsø much later than i expected after detouring a few too many of the billion fjord-side ribbons of asphalt. (other than fatigue, what else is there to say “nope. enough beauty. no more twisty roads. call it a day”?) every hotel and hostel in the budget price range was full. could have easily camped, but i wanted to go soft for the weekend. i got a recommendation from the last hotell as they shut the door in my face… “try the fjellheim sommerhotell”… which i couldn’t find at first because it is a.k.a. the fjellheim bibelskole… the local seminary becomes a hotell for the summer… but they had room… cheap. and it’s HUGE. and my room is right across the hall from the make-yourelf-all-the-free-waffles-you-want kitchen… i kid you not. really. i’m eating one now. AND they have free wireless internet access. it’s travelgeek heaven. downloading the daily show as i take my last bite of waffle. sweeeeeet.
tromsø is one of those places where anything goes… very much an outpost with pioneer spirit, an oddly thriving house music scene, and is one of the most ethnically diverse place i think i’ve ever been…( must explain the taco baguette i had for lunch ).