Daily Archives: 3 July, 2006

the edge of the world™

the sun at midnight   nordkapp, norway

fog rolling in at the end of the world   nordkapp, norway

on the way to the edge   nordkapp, norway

my destination these last three weeks has been the north cape of norway, the northernmost point of europe (inconveniently short a few seconds of lattitude from the ACTUAL northernmost point some 80 km away, but history dictated, the brochures had been printed, the road already built… as was the visitor center. i had been warned in advance that the northcape was a bit disneyfied, but found the visitors center was kind of nice, though a bit overdone, and not as virulent as i had been lead to believe… until… the earth shook, rumbled, as it were, upon the arrival of the blue-rinse brigade… legions of doe-eyed pensioners, so sweet and docile individually, but as a collective, some 25 tour buses strong, constitute a pestilence… a plague of doddering, mawing tourism gone feral… and all seemingly under the illusion that the midnight sun was something that “happened” on cue at midnight.
i couldn’t take it. i live my life under the illusion that the world is inaccessible and hard won. therefore, when i find coolness in the extreme, it is mine. i earned it. this whole nonsense of “everyone should have access to everything” simply shatters all i wish to tell myself about myself. well, not really… i just hate crowds. so i fled.
it was nice to have the 80 km of coast-hugging cape road to myself on the way back south. found a shitty place to camp around 2am and dreamt of dark nights… odd.