Daily Archives: 9 July, 2006

all my world looks like mister rogerユs neighborhood

river cottages  porvoo, finland

yesterday i did a novel thing. i took the bus. soooo nice to leave the responsibility to someone else, sit back, enjoy the view, jack into the ipod and just exist. no thought. no attention span. no desire. no ambition… just like a real tourist. was nice. spent the day in porvoo.
part of traveling abroad is taking in different styles of cooking whenever possible. but… sometimes its fun to see how others take on your favorite food from back home. like korean barbecue. i love me the korean barbecue. love to see how finland does the korean barbecue… only thing is, i was going for mexican. restaurant named Iguana. check. pillowy tortilla duvet all stuffed and drippy. check. jalapeños. check. the sleeping bag on my plate looked like a burrito… but with none of the flavors i was expecting. not one. even the chicken was on siesta… gummy and oversaturated with a glazy resin… it tasted like… if i closed my eyes, a korean barbecue wrap…
just watched the world cup final at the hostel where i am staying in helsinki… didn’t care as much about the outcome, but it has been fun to travel the last month with the competition threading my journey. the french are crying, a group of 3 italian girls were kissing… which seemed to cheer up the french guys a bit… italy would be a great place to be tonight… france… not so much. (I’m trying to work out another sport where the 3rd place finishers throw a party while the 2nd place finishers hang their heads in shame. don’t understand why FIFA bothers to rank the top three like that.)