Daily Archives: 11 July, 2006

new europe is so… old

me, happy, and kinda smirky  tallinn, estonia

i donユt want to sound cynical, but it can’t be helped… tallinn’s old town is a shopping mall theme park pure and simple, no matter how you want call it. sure it’s pieced together from the rubble of a fractured soviet past and it’s antiquated cobblestoned charm can’t be denied, but there’s little diversity beyond “spend money here”… i cut it some slack for not being filled with chain stores, and for the choclateria outdoor courtyard cafe where i now sit accessing one of estonia’s 200+ free wifi access points while sipping some kickass coffee… and the beerhouse where i had home-brewed medovar honey beer and hand-stuffed roadkill sausage… and the welcome return of the decadent aray of pastires that was sorely lacking in finland (sorry, finland, my friend, but you don’t know shit about sugar)… and okay, old town itself has more of an elevation change than i’ve experienced in the last month between holland and finland minus norway… and the estonian women are easy on the optics, even if they are ridiculously tarted up in tourist-pleasing medieval garb… and the town hall square is a premium people-watching portal… um… how did this post begin again? oh yeah, tallinn rocks…
(the hair experiment has ended… a month of helmet-hair drove me insane… being freshly shorn is as oddly liberating as really long hair was back in the day).