Daily Archives: 13 July, 2006

The russians came and all they left us was this shitty landscape

outside the theme park  “residential” tallinn, estonia

heading east out of tallinn was super depressing. a wide open dusty landscape with almost zero vegitation, wide roads, smoggy busses and residential towers from the bygone soviet era of “one people, one architect, one design.” fortunately it all improved dramatically some 20km down the road where the forest abrubptly began and continued forever…

just put a roof on it and make it mine  lahemaa, estonia

lahemaa national park is some 75km away from tallinn and is strangely unspoiled… sort of. i should say undeveloped, because that kind of coastline anywhere else in the world would be overrun with hotels and even private ownership of land along the sea. instead lay the ruins of soviet buildings… all concrete and pale green tile, reduced to rubble and ignored as if that were preferable to turning it all around towards something beautiful. while surveying one of the dead buildings, i met a texan with and australian accent, married to an estonian woman and now living on a siberian island north of japan (that’s another conversation) and his first comment to me was “we fucking got ’em, didn’t we?” he lived in estonia for a while under soviet rule and just had nothing good to say about it. could have listened to his stories for hours.

town hall square  tallinn, estonia

all in all, estonia is a beautiful place, and i say the same about the people… since i had no expectations, everything is a surprise, and that’s what i want more of…