Daily Archives: 18 July, 2006

teasers… or not..

things we never pay attention to  riga, latvia

zero-tolerance  just outside baltezers, latvia

restaurant for bulimiacs?  riga, latvia

Windmill Home–BYOB (bring your own blades)  talsi, latvia

Chuck Norris is so badass he tagged latvia single-handedly… with the blood of his foes  riga, latvia

i don’t want to suggest he wasn’t entertaining…  riga, latvia

riga is adorable  riga, latvia

all of these are examples of themes i could easily extend to their own individual pages… adorability, street art, road signs (cheap, but still… come on… baltezers? it’s a gem…).
spent the last 2 days exploring the northwest coast of latvia. some of the most amazingly unspoiled coastline ever. camped in “unkel” theodor’s yard just south of cape kolka. his yard is just a dune or two removed from the beach. rusty brown water is pumped from the well and the outhouse has simply never been emptied. the 2 latt bought me unprecedented access… (i made like a bear and shat in the woods… and was plenty thirsty by the time i left… early… the next morning)
the 32km stretch of beach in jûrmala is unlike any i’ve seen before… not in the zanzibar bleached-white-flour-sand-skirting-turquoise-bathwater sense, but there is still a certain charm about the coastal town… part dilapidated elegance of former afluence, part naivité, and a large part the lack of resorts. i don’t imagine it will stay semi-virginal for long, but it’s nice to have seen it when…
tomorrow i leave on a holiday from my holiday… may not post for another week or so…