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florence is a troubled ghetto

rippley (believe it or not)  florence, italy

heart not quite into it  florence, italy

finding guinness with the best people in the strangest places  florence, italy

italy has been hot. africa hot. and following up a meander through humid, sun-baked streets and airless museums with a stroll uphill on the other side of the river got us a deleriously and dryly joking about the suppposed treats we could find at the top, on a sunday, away from the tourist throng. kim peaked the list of unattainable desireables when she pleaded certain that there we’d find ice-cold guinness.
so when we reach the top, our thrist, like the view, was stunning. walking around, i found the outdoor cafe was open… and unbelievably they had GUINNESS (YES!) in cans (oh.) without the widget (sigh…). the guy pours delicately from the can into a plastic cup (como agua para chocolate) so there is not even the slightest hint of the trademark foamy cream floe that separates guinness from the lesser pack of chocolate-flavored barley water. i wasn’t sure i could pass it off to kim as the thing it was. she’d suspect deception. but the bartender set each glass on the small plate of a ultra-sonic device, flipped a switch, and within seconds the cup was clouded cream, with the cascading separation taking place as though it were draught freshly poured from the tap. like most, i’m reluctant to use the word “hero” self-referentially, but were i to judge from the look on kim’s face and the subsequent smiling disbelief as i stood before her with the very improbability we joked about…
(if you’re lost, you don’t love guninness… hey, look down there, it’s a horsey!)

horseandcarriage!  florence, italy

pollyanna sunset  florence, italy