Daily Archives: 26 July, 2006

a roman holiday from my roamin’ holiday

these are strays from the italy diversion that defy proper category… because this website is… so… um… well-defined…

because a leash is humiliating  verona, italy

a great new game: italian cop or backstreet boy?  florence, italy  photo: kimberley kidger
still trying to work out the relationship between the police and the african street merchants. obviously the africans are selling illegally, but we couldn’t work out why they fold up their wares and make a mad dash at times and why they just go through the motions until the police pass at other times. how do they know when to run? when do police decide to take action and when are they just inconveniencing the sellers? kim shot this while we watched two africans lose their faux D&G gear to the very fashion-conscious police… i wonder what they do with all that contraband?

tribute  venice, italy
i collect pictures of urban street art everywhere i go. love it. can’t get enough of it. but usually never know the significance of it. saw this stencil around venice many times. while shooting a picture of it, a russian man standing nearby asked if i knew what it meant. told him i didn’t and he explained that it was a tribute to the men who died when the supposedly nuclear russian submarine “kursk” sank in the barents sea after an explosion… he was bitter that putin rejected help from the west (who had the equipment to raise the sub) out of pride or fear.

shot it like this and inexplicably like it enough to share  florence, italy

me on a stoop awaiting the gelato express  verona, italy  photo: kimberley kidger