Daily Archives: 27 July, 2006

the “alps” are overrated

a little slice of planet all for me  sigulda, latvia

years ago i had a friend report back from switzerland that it was like lodi with the alps. i’ve never been able to shake that from my mind for the utter lack of appreciation and waste of airline ticket that it was. it always comes to mind when i hear of a place referred to as “the (insert-name-of-place-being-referred-to) alps”. yesterday i rode out to sigulda, the latvian alps. my guess is that its a tongue-in-cheek reference from the start. from all that i’ve seen so far, nothing latvian geographically approximates the elevation needed to come close to an alpine reference. so my first thought upon reaching sigulda is that it was latvia’s lodi. which turned out to be a necessary vantage point for appreciation. all that came after my initial impression was positively bliss. camped along the river, went swimming in its refreshing iced-tea coolness, and simply enjoyed being outside of the city.