Daily Archives: 2 August, 2006

vilnius doesn’t live up… however…

atop the state small theatre company  vilnius, lithuania

zappa’s head on a steel pole in a dodgy plaza full of drunk high school kids. vilnius ‘gets it’.  vilnius, lithuania

the constitutional declaration of the repbulic of užupis (click the pic to read…)  vilnius, lithuania
užupis is small district within vilnius that is home to artists and galleries. the residents have set up a tongue-in-cheek independent republic as way to create a sense of community. they even have their own army (of 12). they, in fact, are responsible for the bust of frank zappa. the guardian has the story here.

home, in all its glory  vilnius, lithuania

i began my stay in lithuaniažs capitol city with resentment. the centrally located hotel i booked was 4km from the center, on a bustling, run-down avenue, in and old soviet architectural monstrocity monument on the opposite side of the river from where it is all happening. the hotel charged my card for the first night in case of no-show without my consent or authorization (thanks, visa… nice to know youžre looking out for me), and the directions provided on their website were for those arriving by train or airport, and not in their own vehicle. my guess is so that they could keep up the ‘centrally located’ pretext. so when i emailed them to ask for direction coming by motorbike, all they could tell me was that it was near a mall called Europa… i guess the highly-visible M-1, Canon and Mazda logos on top of their building escaped their memory… or were no match for the neon Europa sign which is only visible when youžre right in front of it.
so vilnius began on the wrong foot… and i have to say, stayed that way. i should have left yesterday…