Daily Archives: 4 August, 2006

the wolfユs lair

hitler’s deluxe condo during the war has seen better days  wolfschanze, poland

inside looking out  wolfschanze, poland

i remember visiting the arizona memorial when i was in hawaii some 23 years ago, and was struck by the number of japanese tourists flocking to see the wreckage. i couldn’t quite tell if it was a somber reflection on a dark moment in japan’s history or a winking confirmation of a job well done. there wasn’t even a hint of the same thing while visiting wolfschanze in poland. during WWII this was hitler’s hideaway, tucked in the forest of his recent annexationユs great mansurian lake district. many german tourists exploring with fascination… curiosity… not so much admiration. amazing to see how much the forest is enveloping the rubble… if it were not a tourist attraction, it would easily be invisible by now… something that is hard to imagine when you see the size of the bunkers firsthand.
seeing such a thing, it makes me wonder how so much post-war architecture in europe resembles concrete bunkers…