Daily Archives: 7 August, 2006

krakow gives good square

dusk in europe’s largest town square  krakow, poland

the market in old town  krakow, poland

horsey ghosts  krakow, poland

before coming to poland, i had this impression of the place as being dark and industrial with out of date people in ill-fitting clothing… nothing coud be further from the truth. sometimes i dont know why i do what i do, but for some reason i’ve felt compelled to sepia the bajesus out of all my images in the previous posts. maybe in an effort to make poland look like “poland” instead of the modern european country it really is. though before i go and give it too much credit for existing beyond the scope of my preconceoptions, the men all look like the ‘da bears’ fans from snl and drviing behind buses and trucks is like smoking an entire pack of cigarettes simultaneously. diesel heaven…
krakow is home to the largest public square in all of europe. it’s a big one… but, dare i say, public squares are going the way of cathedrals and castles for me… seen one…

couldn’t resist just one more…  krakow, poland