Daily Archives: 12 August, 2006


i wish i could explain, but i really don’t have to…  prague, czech republic

antonin, the man, the legend…  prague, czech republic

i never buy art. and maybe this doesn’t qualify, but i really like this guy. nutters, jittery, barely able to speak, unwashed, sloppy… all of his art is the same 3 images… but he does what he does well and he tries sooo hard. he wouldn’t haggle the price of his art so i walked away but came back. total respect. even his devilly horns are just nubby little things… dangerously harmless and loony… just how i like my creative types…

PRAGUE!!! um… so what..

the money shot…  prague, czech republic

more of this, prague… make me work a bit…  prague, czech republic

even the beer needs help…  prague, czech republic

i’m setting myself up for a grilling on this for being an unsatisfiable ingrate, but i can’t help how i feel… or don’t, and prague… i don’t feel ya. i know you’re like the expat mecca heaven from the early nineties, and maybe back then you was all that. but. it’s 2006 and you’ve got some work to do. for one thing, stop wearing it all on your sleeve. everyone likes a bit of mystery and you have none. everyone’s on to ya and charm is depreciating capital in estern europe these days… maybe your glory days are behind you and we just have to rest settled that you’re now just a tourist destination shy of a cruiseship port. look. i’ve done what i can with photoshop to hide a few of your essentials, but now the rest is up to you. stop resting on your laurels. make yourself interesting. 13 classical musical recitals in churches tonight all competing with each other with almost the exact same line up of vivaldi, bach and schubert…? are you kidding me? spice it up a bit. and i don’t mean a freaking OXYGEN BAR!