Daily Archives: 20 August, 2006

more scenes from an edelweiss tour

from a high point in buda  budapest, hungary

axel, don, bruce and josef refuel  maribor, slovenia

go, dougs, go…!  maribor, slovenia

fun with gravel  maribor, slovenia

gettin our kicks… on…  route 69, austria

a place for bikers to upstage one another  route 69, austria

josef in the lead, wes coming up strong, doug hanging in there, bruce & susan behaving like specks  route 69, austria

wes, me, doug and the back of my dad’s head terracing at a vinyard  hilltop winery, hungary

still struggling with luxurious accomodation, an overabundance of food and the subsequesnt pressure to bathe every day. i do prefer a grubbier world, but i’d be lying if i said i hated this poshness. on one hand it’s nice that somebody else is figuring out the details… after 2 months of doing that for myself, i’m ready to let go of the reins a bit, but then it sucks because i’m not paying attention to where i am at and why i am there to begin with. adds a little, takes away a little… but overall, it’s nice to travel with good people to places i would otherwise never consider.
traveling with family hasn’t been the zen exercise in patience i half-anticipated… in fact, quite the opposite. maybe my brother and dad would say different… maybe i test their nerves on a dily basis… nah… who am i kidding. i’m a dream to travel with. aside from a few dawdling moments of “what do you want to do? i don’t know, what do YOU want to do… shall we go this way, hmm.. this way..? well, YOU tell ME where we should go…‘ it’s been a breeze…
today we’re back in austria. the ride ends tomorrow in vienna.. more images then.