Daily Archives: 1 September, 2006

i’m sloving it…

my new island home…  bled, slovenia

…and it’s hilltop companion  bled, slovenia

okay, my actual home… riverfront camping along the soca  kobarid, slovenia

i had a few days to kill before my passenger arrived in zagreb, so i headed back to slovenia… a very friendly country for motorcyclists. not only do you see “Bikers Welcome” signs everywhere, but they thoughtfully carved the roads into the landscape especially for two-wheeled meandering… even going so far as numbering the switchbacks for later bragging. i was enjoying the ride too much to break out the camera, so, use your imaginations… much of the roads narrowed to a mere car-width when passing through villages where the road’s boundaries were dictated by the space between buildings.
both slovenia and austria are in love with their tunnels… great for saving the landscape for itself while depriving drivers of the surrounding environment. i’ve discovered my limit for driving underground is about 2 km. beyond that i become hypnotized by the rhythm of the lights, the fans and the ambient darkness. shooting out the other end into blinding daylight has a birthing metaphor waiting to be made, but since i can’t work in an umbilical cord with the materials at hand, i leave it to y’all everybody to do some work.