Daily Archives: 6 September, 2006

croatia needs more boundaries

passenger posing within the city walls  zadar, croatia

underneath, inside and outside zadar (click the pic for a sample of the sea organ)  zadar, croatia

the walled city on the island of hvar  hvar, croatia

arriving in trogir, impressions from dubrovnik  croatia

nightlife reflecting on the shiny marble streets of dubrovnik  dubrovnik, croatia

views from a walk on the wall  dubrovnik, croatia

goal acheived!  dubrovnik, croatia

i’ve had a passenger for my run through croatia.. that means i got to spend a week compromising everything… ; ). i made it a personal goal to get at least one photo of passenger as i see her, which the camera usually quarrels with. in addition, the week sort of became the ancient walled town tour: zadar, trogir, hvar and dubrovnik (which really puts all other walled cities to shame… even when overrun with cruiseship cattle, it’s still stunning).
it’s always nice to have something from back home when you travel, usually it’s as simple as an oreo cookie, but having a friend show up to share part of the journey with is even better. especially if they know your moods. passenger has seen me come and go many times without a real sense of my travels and like with my father and brother on the edelweiss tour, its nice to pull them in for a bit… and then send them packing.