Daily Archives: 10 September, 2006

sigh… sarajevo

you know your city has a troubled past when…  sarajevo, war-pummeled bosnia-hercegovina

a sarajevo rose  sarajevo, war-forsaken bosnia-hercegovina

these winged cats are all over sarajevo… anyone?  sarajevo, war-tattered bosnia-hercegovina

i can’t say sarajevo is my favorite city… well, i can, it just wouldn’t be true… but it is one of the heaviest places i’ve ever visited. people go about their everyday lives like you would see in any other major city oblvious to the ravaged backdrop that surrounds them constantly. i can’t tell whether it is denial or a “life goes on, we’ll clean up the damage when we get to it,so STOP REMINDING US” thing. again, i haven’t spent the time there that would allow me to earn the confidence of anyone’s psyche, but disposition cuts through explaination and sarajevo is one moody mistress.
as the city slowly repairs itself, a series of perversely sobering monuments dwindles. the “sarajevo rose” is the remains of a shell blast that leaves a distinctive pattern in the ground. where 3 or more were killed by such a blast, residents have filled in the hole with red cement or polymer as a memorial. if you didn’t know what it was, you’d assume cal-trans type patch job efficiency… while photographing various examples of these, i couldn’t tell if the attention i drew was a “how dare you focus on our bloody past, we’re civilized now” contempt or your garden variety “stupid tourist” disdain… either way, there was a palpable tension felt when photographing any residue of the war…