Daily Archives: 12 September, 2006

the newest country on the planet

two places in a day that made my knees buckle  tara canyon & ostrog, montenegro

monasteries are tokens of self-loathing construction  ostrog, montenegro

cambodianesque minnow nets over the ulcinj delta… would love to see them in action  ulcinj, montenegro

easy to misplace yourself on a motorbike in montenegro. many of the signs are still in cyrillic and many of the roads are as yet unmapped, so the possibilities for frustration are as endless as the potential surprises. surprise! the pavement just ended. surprise! you’re 50 km north of your destination.

the landscape of ending pavement  ?????, montenegro

the pavement returns, fresh and tasty  ??????, montenegro

…and round the bend the landscape dropped to this  ??????, montenegro

me, gratuitously  ??????, montenegro

my first indication that coastal montenegro should be avoidd  ulcinj, montenegro

i spent an extra night along the coast to get a bit of beach and ocean… super depressing to spend time in a place that is built for july and august only… i like solitude, but get a bit creeped out walking the grounds of an empty resort en route to the beach… kind of apocalyptic… like a heads up on what my life will be like after the rapture…
i don’t think i’ve ever experienced so much trash washing up on shore and being blown around the beach… you think if people drove their ratty diesel ladas on the beach, they’s not be so lazy with their picnic’s disposal… and i think i know where the idea for sand in ashtrays came from…