Daily Archives: 21 September, 2006

bulgaria is up and coming

yes, that’s a real sign. manifested.  bansko, bulgaria

the commute. visited.  bansko, bulgaria

the commute revisited. visited.  bansko, bulgaria

brown bear fornerly known as “dancing” doing the slumba  on the road to plovdiv, bulgaria

i tried hard to make bulgaria look as modern as it really is in the metropolitan areas, but the time-gone-by hasn’t quite gone by and i find it visually more compelling than the stuff that maks bulgaria look just like everywhere else on the planet.
while on the road between bansko and plovdiv i saw a sign for dancing bears park… how could i resist? me love bears. though i shamefully admit, i anticipated a horrid 3rd rate bear kennel full of circus freaks, i was happily surprised to discover that that place is a sanctuary for rescued bears. when i say rescued, i mean bought from gypsies for $7K. the place is well funded and first rate. the bears live better than many bulgarians. i’m not kidding. i got my own personal tour from one of the workers, who heaved up the hills chain-smoking Gitanes as he spit out bits of broken english between bits of broken breath. (i have a difficult time holding down a conversation with someone who smokes Gitanes… the nicotine fog-breath just crawls down my throat and renders me mute.)