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god bless america…

doug on target, setting up targets, down the chamber of a taurus .357  lincoln, CA, USA

pistols are a gateway drug…the moss 500 HD isn’t for shooting quail  lincoln, CA, USA

if my brother takes an interest in something new it eventually infects the rest of the male johnson brood. usually itユs as benign as formula 1 or red wine. midlife crisis has raised the stakes, however, and now we find ourselves playing with guns. i’ve always had a natural fear and aversion to firearms, always thought of gun owners as unhinged walter middy’s looking for trouble. i’m still not sold on their wisdom and effectiveness, and i wouldnユt own one, but then, i don’t have to. that’s what brothers are for… taking up the slack where our conscience dare not tread (or wife disallow) and opening the portal to a carefully avoided vice. i avail my brother to motorcycles and hallucinogenic psychotropics and he in turn guides my hands to a croatian made XD .45 caliber ACP.
i canユt say i LOVE shooting… but itユs interesting… mostly because i’m not good at it, and the process unnerves me a bit. the proper grip doesn’t feel natural (yet), the stance seems forced… all my natural tendencies run counter to protocol, so i must see where it pans out.
i’m intentionally leaving myself out of the visuals so i can wake up one morning, come to my senses, and deny involvement as i drive my prius out to the woods to hug a tree and dance with bears… naked.

The Ethos of Emptiness

boathouse on tomales bay  inverness, CA, USA

sadie. fluffy dog on a windy day…  rocklin, CA, USA

got tired of the extended abundance of blank that this site has become since last summer, so in an effort to gear up for my next adventure i’m dropping in a few photos from my new real camera… which is too big to lug around and will probably collect dust as i’ve now confirmed, expensively, that i am a point and shoot image grabber at heart and will never be otherwise. the image quality from the nikon D80 isn’t 1 grand and 2lbs of slabby optics better than what i was getting before… not for my useage and expectations…