Daily Archives: 29 October, 2008

Sur via Sur

still haven’t posted pics from mexico…
dad, dougs and i took a 3 day motorbike trip down highway 1 through big sur and SLO before heading back a bit more inland. here. see for yourself…

fueling at the start  HWY 1, CA, USA

minding the Gap  HWY 1, CA, USA

surveying the slope from the side of the road  HWY 1, CA, USA

coastal colors  HWY 1, CA, USA

road and scene and road and scene  HWY 1, CA, USA

setting up home at the end of the day  Big Sur, CA, USA

the LAZ-E-BOB on it’s maiden voyage  Big Sur, CA, USA

cheers to the end of a very good first day  Big Sur, CA, USA

prepping for day two  Big Sur, CA, USA

ready before the rest of us  Big Sur, CA, USA

you could smell them before you could see them  HWY 1, CA, USA

does it look like we’re trying to kill him?  HWY 1, CA, USA

inland twisties  HWY 41, CA, USA

okay, i’ll let ya pass  HWY 41, CA, USA

cool memorial to cool  Chalome, CA, USA

not that it helped  Chalome, CA, USA