antarctic frozen foods

once again i defer to the photos to speak for me
for now…
(the urge to yack can only be supressed for so long…)

One thought on “antarctic frozen foods

  1. jaime el gordo

    So, you beat me.
    You got there.
    Antarctica – nomad’s nirvana.
    Bravo. Pics are wondrous. I doff my beanie to you. My deskblotter is sodden with drool, my head swims with latitudunal/longitudanal bedazzlement and envy, and Visa card has developed that old, familiar whir, hum, twitch and throb in anticipation of getting a flogging someplace with a silly name that I simply can’t afford to be.
    Until this morning I had contented myself nicely with crewing on a 44 footer in the Mel-Hobart, and, just this weekend gone, the Mel- King Island ocean yacht races.
    You’ve raised the bar well and truly.
    So, you’ve got the Tshirt and stubby holder – and the dazzling pic of the humpback – now, I want to know if this spectacular notch in the belt over a long career of global guzzling and mortgage baulking is the ultimate, and you’ll hang up your Swiss Army knife and walking boots, or is it the penultimate?
    Where to now fatboy? You gunna end up like Armstrong and Aldrin – achieved the ultimate, so all that’s left to do for the next 40 years is spend on counsellors to help you battle the mundane?
    And if you do decide on going one better on this personal best, I want in dammit, coz while I have recently joined the league of the home owner with bills to pay, you’ll know that the telling thing is that I don’t yet have a pet dog. So, the commitment and binding nature of the home investment is only for so long as it takes to find a good tenant.
    I am truly inspired. Well done.
    Let’s plot – soon. I think my old favorite blue crayon adventure planner has migrated to the back of the jocks and socks drawer – it’s overdue for reckless scribbles on bar coasters.
    – Jim.

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