kaunas dulls the senses… hardly…

window ornament  kaunas, lithuania

they followed me, he glared at me…  kaunas, lithuania

texture  kaunas, lithuania

surface  kaunas, lithuania

surface  kaunas, lithuania

form  kaunas, lithuania

le boulevard  kaunas, lithuania

the ground benath my feet  kaunas, lithuania

kaunas is one of those places i added to the itinerary based on a recommendation as a “lovely place”. as i rolled into kaunas, i was hard-pressed to remember exactly what was meant to be lovely about it. the long road into town ran through industrial areas both abandoned and working… all of it less than charming. even when i arrived at the center of town, i still couldn’t see it. i checked into a big sovet-era hotel in the center and set out for a stroll along the main pedestrian boulevard behind the hotel. little by little the town grew on me… from odd sculptures, to beautiful people to the run-down old town which has yet to be seized up on by architecture offices and loft developers (it’s really only a matter of time…)

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