suggested macedonian tourist slogan: weユre NOT albania

the macedonian side of the lake  ohrid, macednonia

they watched me pack up, giving the play-by-play in macedonian, then tried to keep up  ohrid, macednonia

the trout he seeks has been banned, and is therefore, lucrative  ohrid, macednonia

albania is so love/hate, but macedonia was pure love. not intrinsically, though it may be, but coming out of albania alongside lake Ohrid which divides the two countries, really brought home just how medieval albania can be… trashy shoreline, bunkers crumbling on the periphery… i’m cerain that the endemic pollution in the lake has a lopsided source.
i spent the evening in ohrid with loren and cindy… i’ll carve that tale when i can better do it justice… the short version is that the world is VERY small and paths cross inexplicably and unexpectedly… then there is the issue of timing… and the evening capped itself off with guinness, which also has a history of unexpectedness…