Hi, Sierra Route

some images from my attempt on the High Sierra Route which quickly morphed into a standard trip along the John Muir Trail after dislocating my shoulder 5 days in. these are less about the glamour of the high country and more about the challenge…

Misery in Mosquitoville (19, that can be seen)  Sierra High Route, CA, USA

perched upon granite  Sierra High Route, CA, USA

the view from the granite perch  Sierra High Route, CA, USA

from where i came, make your own trail, and you better get it right  Sierra High Route, CA, USA

view across marion lake after the fall  Marion Lake, Sierra High Route, CA, USA

from where i stood, the snow-covered fingers stretching down to the lake looked like the only way down, and i chose the rightmost snowy ravine since there were already footprints from previous trekkers in the snow. had i understood the landscape a bit better, i may have thought to tread upward for a better vantage point. maybe then i would have seen the far more shallow slope on the right… the one not covered in snow… but maybe then too, i would have spared myself one injury in favor of a more serious one later on. bottom line, i attempted this trip too early in the season, i didn’t have the proper physical conditioning to begin the trip with and going it alone on this route is not the best plan… even with a GPS tracker

The sweetest sight on the sweetest trail  Middle Fork Kings River Trail, CA, USA

as i hiked up the middle fork of the kings river, i had to imagine it would be a perfect run for experienced kayakers. i just couldn’t imagine how they would gt the kayaks in without helicopters… but i would find out a few days later, that indeed, kayakers made this run (it’s kind of a kayaking holy grail) and that they hiked the kayaks in 12 miles up and over bishop pass. that’s 2000 feet of up and 3000 feet of down, just to get to the start… oh and the total weight of kayak and supplies for the 5 day run was 80–100 lbs. unbefuckinglievable.

boringly gratuitous lake shot  John Muir Trail, CA, USA

boringly gratuitous lake shot part deux  Bishop Lake CA, USA

Dusy Basin at the end of the day  Dusy Basin, CA, USA

something you don’t expect to see at 12,000 feet  Sierra High Route, CA, USA

committed, or should be  Sierra High Route, CA, USA

dad and doug on their way out  Sierra High Route, CA, USA

my dad and brother met up with me at red’s meadow on day 20. i was there for a resupply and they were there because it just seemed like a good premise for a motorcycle trip. i ate more in 24 hours than i had in the previous 5 days… and when i hit the trail again, i plowed through for 17 miles mostly uphill… an epiphany i shoulda been onto a long time ago… food=fuel. big duh, but when you’re packing food for 10+ days, it’s easier to focus on keeping weight out of the pack…