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The Thin Green Line Revisited

so i never followed up on my previous post regarding the international ranger documentary by my friend sean willmore. apparently the worldwide simultaneous premiere was a big success… his grassroots effort to create awareness for conservation and respect for his fellow rangers as well as create a fund to help the families of rangers killed in the line of duty has taken off with the Thin Green Line Foundation.
The Gala Green Carpet Premiere in Melbourne was a huge success! the film took in $100K worldwide and sean will travel to africa later this month to present the proceeds to the families he met. the next phase, Project Connect, will take him around the world showing the film and speaking to groups in romania, switzerland and california, amongst other places.
The DVD turned out fantastic. i received my copy a few days ago and have since watched it a few times… and yeah, i’m shilling for sean, but it’s a worthy cause and a job well done! and if he gets any more fame from this thing, i’ll have to temper his ego with a few well-timed anecdotes in australian tabloids… oh yeah, i’m talking about the brothel in ushuaia mr. green gandhi!

 Sean pleads for support The 7:30 Report, ABC Australia

 brought to you sans permission  The 7:30 Report, August 31, 2007 ABC Australia

The Thin Green Line

an event not to be missed… if you’re in melbourne the end of july   design: moi

while i was in australia i reconnected with sean, a park ranger from australia whom i met while travelling in patagonia. at that time he was at the start of a trip around the world to film his fellow rangers for a documentary film to be shown at the next international ranger conference. he mortgaged his house (4 or 5 times by now), sold his car and set off on adventure. the premise was grand, the budget was low, the film-making skills non-existent, and yet it won him a standing ovation when he showed it at the ranger conference last fall. he was encouraged to pursue his efforts further and release the film as a feature-length documentary, using the proceeds from the film to assist families of rangers killed in the line of duty as well as help fund other conservation projects.
at the time i saw him mid-april, he had gone on hiatus from his ranger duties in order to finish the film for a simultaneous worldwide premiere the end of july. (so far the film will be shown in more than 500 locations in 50 countries in venues ranging from living rooms to grand theaters.) jim and i were privileged to view the final cut of the film at sean’s house. at the time i thought of offering my help, and i may have even done so weakly, but it wasn’t until i returned home and sean emailed me the DVD design “concept” from the DVD production house, that i was offended enough to take over the design duties… and it’s been a blast. while it can sometimes stress me out to no end to play designer, creative control is an opiate that counters even the worst moments… sounds like a bad relationship, but it makes me feel alive.
i’ll post more about sean’s documentary as the premiere approaches. for now if you’re interested, you can check out the Thin Green Line website.