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the software update to this blog has ended in epic failure.
this site will look like shit for a while as i work out a better option.

Dismantling The News...

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because stabbing the owners with a butter knife is also inconsiderate   emeryville, CA, USA

dear dog-owning halfwit,

I’ve let this go for too long and you’ve been unconscionably rude for even longer...
One would think i could easily avoid the steaming pile of fecal architecture your pooch left behind. But it was dark. And i was cold. And i just wanted to get inside. So i took the straight line past the tree toward my front door. It wasn’t until i was inside and had smeared the contents of your canine’s colon all over my floor that i realized i shared a building with an inconsiderate hoon. You're not fertilizing the 3 x 3 gravel patch that surrounds the tree and it will take months for that little shitmound to properly decompose. So. In the meantime... And i’m realllllly sorry for the inconvenience here... Take a plastic bag with you and pick up after your dog. If my little pooh flags don’t shame you into doing the right thing, then at least consider the thoughtful dog owners in the building who are uniformly receiving blame for your lazy, impolite behavor.

David in #101

My pooh-flag artwork made freely available here. And an additional tip: use wooden fondue sticks instead of toothpicks... they elevate the flags and enhance the overall presentation so that even the most willfully oblivious are forced to recognize...

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