February 8, 2004


on the way to ushuaia, i struck up a conversation with another traveller, sean, asking him how he broke his foot. the word going round the bus was that this crazed canadian jumped off an iceberg and broke his foot... the reality... he’s australian and he slipped off a block of floating ice while polar-bearing in lago grey. it’s still a good story, and the video is hysterical, but the myth going round had become legend and the reality, no matter how cool, just wasn’t the same. while he was telling me the proper story he compared the water in lago grey to that of southern australia, so i asked him what part of australia he was from. aw, south of melbourne. where? aw, the mornington penninsula. where? its a small town called balnarring. he kacked when i told him i’d been to the balnarring horse races, which, like cricket and any hour of any day, is simply a good excuse to drink beer in the sun. turns out he knows my friend jim who works just down the road. jim has interviewed sean a few times, to give publicity to the national park where he is head ranger.

Posted by bajesus at February 8, 2004 6:07 AM
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